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oNe Match Quality Soccer Ball

oNe™ ball can make a difference in the world, whether it is playing in the backyard, playing street soccer, or playing in the professional leagues. Soccer is a world wide sport that brings people together, creating oNe community. oNe Soccer Ball – Match Quality

When you buy oNe Match Quality soccer ball, we will match it with a donation of another oNe Soccer ball to a deserving youth, team or club. If you know a deserving team or club, please have them contact us about becoming a Cents4Soccer partner.

Ball Specifications: Meets FIFA, NCAA and NFHS Specifications
Size: 5
Cover: 1.8 mm thick Japanese Cordley PU
Construction: 4 layer (2 polyester, 2 cotton)
Bladder: Butyle bladder with air lock system
Diameter: 220mm +- 5mm (8.66 inches +-.19 inches)
Circumference: 680-700mm (26.77 – 27.55 inches)
Weight: 420-430 grams (14.8-15.1 ounces)
Workmanship: 100% hand sewn blue/black stiching
Panels: 32 panel construction
Inks: German mansion ink
Waterproofing on all stitching

Available with Green Stars or Blue Stars or Black Stars

one soccer ball blackone soccer ball blue

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Price: $55.00

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Pelota T-shirt

While working in Guatemala, one of our favorite moments was when we delivered balls to the coaches and kids we trained, so we created the Pelota (Ball in Spanish) t-shirt to honor the 60 plus boys and girls we trained over the summer.

When one Pelota shirt is purchased, we will donate a Cents4Soccer shirt to a deserving boy and girl for the upcoming holiday season.  Our goal is to deliver 100 shirts for the holidays to local schools around the Chicagoland area to be given as a gift to the family.

pelota frontpelota pink_ front

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Old Price: $25.00

Price: $15.00

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