I want to personally thank the following individuals, coaches, teams and clubs for their incredible help and donations:

My Parents and Brother
Cheree and Jonah Bertalan; Jonah is adopted from Guatemala and a large reason for my adventure to Guatemala
Coach Maurizio Grillo – Evanston Township High School Head Coach Girls Soccer
AD Chris Livatino – Evanston Township High School Athletic Director
Adam Masters
Coach Seong Ha – Glenbrook South Head Coach Girls Soccer
Sarah McCarthy
Liss Family
Kira Favakeh
Annie Sheehan
Coach Stan Anderson
Camp Shutout and all the campers that donated balls
The Chicago Fire
Jamie Donohue
Megan Michela
Aofie Burke
Becca Wagner
Shannon Hartinger
Corey Winchester
Murphy Family
Deborah Handler
Jim McNitt
Berkley Family

I would also like to thank the following for there encouragement and support:

Jessica Yavitz – Chicago Fire
Danny Hazan – CSL Insider
Chelsie Chmela – Ethisphere