Donation Letter


Dear Donor,

Every since our family friends adopted their son, Jonah, six years ago, they have dedicated a
month every other summer to helping underprivileged children in his local community in
Guatemala. I’m blessed to have the opportunity this year to travel with them and spend a
month with youths of low economic means.

As I prepared for my journey to Guatemala, I thought about my childhood and what my biggest
impact has been, soccer. Soccer has provided a light of joy and passion into my life and I want
to be able to share this passion with children around the world. I have created a non-profit
organization, Cents4Soccer, to help collect gently used soccer equipment to provide to
underprivileged villages around the world and build an opportunity to bring joy to their lives
through soccer.

My goal is to collect donations to sponsor my journey to Guatemala and funds to send over
500 pieces of donated equipment and soccer gear by Evanston Township High School,
Glenbrook South, Chicago Fire Men’s Foundation, Stan Anderson’s Camp Shutout, and many
other generous community members.

If you’d like to sponsor me, you can send a check made payable to Olivia Post or donate online
by visiting Donations of used soccer equipment will also be
appreciated. Your generosity will play a role in the efforts to make a difference in an
underprivileged community.

Thank you so much for your support. I will think of you as I’m teaching the children how to
score or save in their new uniforms, shoes, and most importantly with a new ball!


Olivia Post
Founder, Cents4Soccer

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