It has been incredible and I can not believe three weeks have gone by already.  I went to Gautemala with a plan, but not sure how it would be executed.  We had a small group of boys when I started and we ended this mornings training with over 40 kids and enough girls to have twice a week training with just girls.


We will have two boys teams playing in league soccer.


We got over 600 pieces of gently used soccer gear and balls into kids that just want to play!


I made friends that will last a lifetime!

Shorts #1

I am already planning on coming back as soon as I can.  We are hoping to bring Orlando, a goalkeeper, to the states next summer to train at Camp Shutout.

2014-07-18 05.30.10

Coach Byron will be visitng the states in November and hopefully we will put him and a local coach together for the day, to develop a more indepth training program for the kids.

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